Montana is a sportsman's paradise.

Wolf Creek Ranch Road Property

Only ten minutes from the beautiful small town of Bigfork and 35 minutes from Glacier International Airport, this Wolf Creek Ranch Road property sits on the eastern edge of the Flathead Valley, at the base of Montana's Swan Range.  With a mix of woods & meadow, several year-round springs, and approximately 290' of frontage on Wolf Creek, this level, easily-accessible property offers incredible views and abundant wildlife.

Wolf Creek helps divide the agricultural lands of the valley floor from the forests that spill down from the nearby mountains. The property offers an excellent building site. Wildlife is abundant. The owners see white-tailed deer and turkeys on a regular basis, and there are trout in the creek that borders the 10 acres. There are also grouse, ducks, geese, mule deer, elk, moose and black bears in the immediate vicinity.  All the big predators - grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions - live in the general area.  There are mountain goats and bighorn sheep in the nearby mountains, and ruffed grouse, pheasants and the occasional Hungarian partridge on the valley floor.  Wild rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and bull trout live in the local streams and rivers - including the nearby Swan River - while lake trout, pike and bass swim 15 minutes away in Flathead Lake, the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi.  

All the photographs in the section below were taken on the Wolf Creek Ranch Road property. Please click on the images to make them larger.


The 10 acres is mostly woods, with several acres of meadow.  The Swan Range and the Great Bear Wilderness are to the east; Swan Lake, the Swan River and the Swan Valley are to the south; the village of Bigfork, along with Flathead Lake and the Flathead Valley, are to to the west; Glacier National Park, the town of Whitefish, and the ski area at Whitefish Mountain Resort are to the north.

The prime building site on the 10 acres has excellent views and plenty of sunshine.  There is ample space for horses, as well as a large garden. Power and phone lines are easily accessible.  While the property already has creek frontage, it should also be possible to add a trout pond near the building site. 

Two Bedroom, One Bath Home

1200 sq. Feet

Our house is a small, single-story bungalow with a living room, a kitchen, a small dining area, 2 bedrooms, one bath, and a small laundry areas.  If you're interested in building your dream home on the 37 acres, it's an ideal spot to house your out-of-state guests, or perhaps a caretaker in the event you're not here full-time. 


The Best Little Town In Montana.


Bigfork is one of the most scenic, attractive and welcoming towns in Montana, with unbelievable recreational opportunities for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.  There's incredible big game hunting on the vast public lands to the east and waterfowl hunting on Flathead Lake, while the Swan River and its tributaries offer wild rainbow and cutthroat trout.  There are also abundant lake trout, along with pike and bass, in the cold, clear waters of Flathead Lake.

The Swan River's famous 'Wild Mile' offers whitewater for kayakers right outside of Bigfork, while Flathead Lake, Swan Lake and dozens of smaller lakes and ponds offer exceptional boating and fishing opportunities.  There are also numerous walking, hiking and biking trails.


The Village of Bigfork


The village of Bigfork is full of small shops, galleries and restaurants, as well as the Bigfork Playhouse.  Bigfork straddles Bigfork Bay, where the spectacular Swan River empties into the vast, clean waters of Flathead Lake.  

The Immediate Area

beautiful landscapes, incredible views 

Driving from Wolf Creek Ranch Road into Bigfork offers a breathtaking panorama of the surround countryside, with amazing natural beauty in every direction.  The photo above was taken just west of Wolf Creek Ranch Road.



Golf, Boating, fine Dining, Theater

The Bigfork area has it all - excellent restaurants, wonderful shops and galleries, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, the Bigfork summer theater, great hiking, camping, boating, sailing, kayaking & canoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing.  There are soccer fields and baseball diamonds, as well as the tremendous fishing and hunting that brings so many sportsmen to Montana.



Glacier National Park

Extreme Beauty, Amazing vistas 

Glacier National Park is one of the crown jewels of the U.S. National Park System.  If there's no traffic, the west entrance is about 45 minutes from the property on Wolf Creek Ranch Road ... and there's almost never any traffic.

Flathead Lake

An angling paradise 

Flathead Lake is the Lower 48's  largest natural lake west of the Mississippi.  It's a spectacularly clean and beautiful body of water, with incredible opportunities for fishing and boating.  The lake is 27 miles long and more than 15 miles across at its widest point. There's a convenient public boat launch at Wayfarer's State Park about 15 minutes from the Wolf Creek Ranch Road property.  



The Flathead Valley

Simply stunning

The Flathead Valley has it all: farms and ranches, rivers, stream and lakes, and spectacular natural beauty.  The valley's largest town - Kalispell, which has a Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Kalispell Regional Medical Center, etc. - is about 25 minutes away.

The Wolf Creek Experience


The Wolf Creek Ranch Road property is about 10 minutes from Bigfork, in a rural area with a handful of other homes in the immediate vicinity.  It's a quiet neighborhood.  If you stop outside on a clear winter night, you're as likely to hear a coyote howl or an owl hoot as you are to hear the sounds of civilization.  At the same time, it's close enough to town to feel connected and part of the community.  

The photo immediately above this text shows the ranch to the west of property, while the photo below will introduce you to some of the neighbors.